‘Zionist regime kills Palestinians out of desperateness’ Iranian Sunni cleric


Representative of Iran’s Kurdistan province in the Assembly of Experts slammed the recent killing of Palestinian demonstrators on Land Day protests a sign of desperation of Zionist regime against Islamic awakening.

Mamusta Faeq Rostami, senior Iranian cleric in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) denounced crimes by Zionist regime against the Palestinian nation and said since Tel Aviv policies in the region are failing one after the other; it has started the massacre of defenseless Palestinians.

He said cancerous tumor of Israel was born out of the support by western and colonial countries in the holy lands and now, seven decades into creation of the Zionist regime, we are all witness to chaos and failure of the plots by colonial powers against Palestinian nation.

Mamusta Rostami denounced the killing of 17 Palestinian civilians on Land Day demonstrations on Gaza border and said the Zionist regime of Israel has no way out of the crime it committed.

Prominent Iranian Sunni cleric also slammed the stance of some Arab rulers, particularly that of Saudi Arabia Crown Prince, and demanded Muslims from all denominations to take a united stance against arrogant powers and global Zionism.

He urged all Muslims to defend their brothers and sisters against enemies.

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