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Palestinian in Israeli sniper video opens up about his ordeal

12 April 2018 9:22


A Palestinian man whose shooting by Israeli snipers was recently captured on leaked viral footage has denied allegations by the Tel Aviv regime that he was organizing a violent demonstration at the Gaza border.    

In a video widely shared on Twitter and WhatsApp messaging application Monday, the troops can be heard talking about the target and how to shoot him, as the sniper trains his rifle on the Palestinian, who does not appear to be armed and is several meters away from the besieged enclave’s fence.

The Israeli army on Tuesday announced that disciplinary action over the taping of the incident and distribution of the video would be taken, but the snipers’ actions had been correct.

On Wednesday, Tamer Abu Daqqa told reporters that he was shot while trying to aid other Palestinians pinned down by Israeli sniper fire.

Palestinian man Tamer Abu Daqqa, whose shooting by an Israeli sniper was captured on a leaked video, walks with crutches inside his home in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on April 11, 2018. 


“There were a few youths lying on the ground, apparently afraid of leaving the area,” he said. “I began moving in their direction and called out to them that I was coming, so that they would be brave, and then the Jews shot me,” he added.

“I was standing with other people when I was hit in my leg, I was not throwing stones or anything,” he noted. “They shot me and later they laughed at me. They cursed my mother,” he added.

The footage has drawn widespread condemnation from Israeli lawmakers and human rights organizations.

Rights bodies have argued that the video represents what is the rule for the Israeli army, rather than the exception.

The Israeli rights group, B’Tselem, said the military issues “illegal orders telling soldiers to shoot people who endanger nobody.”

Tamer Abu Daqqa is hugged by his mother inside their home in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on April 11, 2018. (Photo by Reuters)


In the footage, the commander is heard asking the sniper before he takes the shot, “Do you have a bullet in the chamber? Are you [trained] on him?”

The sniper and the other soldiers are heard rejoicing following the “successful” shooting.

Another soldier is heard saying, “Wow, [he] shot him in the head.”

A fellow accomplice, who is filming the incident, then exclaims, “Of course I filmed it,” in response to a question, before calling it “a legendary video.”

“Yes!” “What a fabulous video,” the others cry with joy. ”He flew in the air.”

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