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Turkey fully blocks Syrian Army’s path to Idlib (map)

17 May 2018 19:25


The Turkish regime’s military has fully blocked the Syrian Arab Army’s path to Idlib after they established several observation posts around the province.

According to a recent report from the Astana Peace Conference, Turkey and Russia have agreed to allow the latter to construct an observation point around the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham held areas in Jisr Al-Shughour and the Al-Ghaab Plain.

Not long after the agreement, the Turkish military not only visited these areas, but also, established new observation points to block the Syrian Army’s future offensives.

In early April, a preliminary agreement was put in place that would allow the Syrian Army and Russian military to attack and fully capture Jisr Al-Shughour, northeast Latakia, the Al-Ghaab Plain.

However, Turkey would later renege on this deal, as the Syrian and Russian forces were amassing troops in northern Latakia for the upcoming assault.

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