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Zionist Occupation Forces Launch Arrest Campaign following Barkan Shooting

8 October 2018 16:14


Israeli occupation forces launched early on Monday an arrest campaign in which 12 Palestinians were detained in the aftermath of a shooting earlier on Sunday which killed two Israelis and injured another near an industrial zone adjacent to a West Bank settlement.

Israeli occupation forces raided the hometown of the West Bank shooter, identified as Ashraf Walid Saliman Neloah, arresting his brother and sister, along with several other people from the village.

Occupation forces, together with the Shin Bet and the Border Police, raided Shuwaykah, the village where Neloah, who is still at large, resides, Israeli media reported.

The occupation forces arrested several people from the village, with Haaretz reporting that “all suspects were taken into custody and are undergoing investigation.”

Palestinian media reported that 12 Palestinians were arrested in the raid, adding that clashes took place between the occupation forces and Palestinian youths.

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