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Syrian Air Force begins maneuvers along Idlib buffer zone

17 October 2018 15:32

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) began their maneuvers along the Idlib buffer zone, yesterday, the official media wing of the Tiger Forces reported.

The Tiger Forces released a video that showed an attack chopper moving across what they claimed was the Idlib provincial border.

The chopper could be seen flying over the area, marking the first time since the Sochi agreement was put in place that the Syrian Air Force has been active over near the jihadist front-lines.

While no airstrikes have been launched, the Syrian Air Force’s maneuvers are likely being conducted for training purposes and to increase the pressure on the jihadist fighters that have refused to leave the Idlib buffer zone.

Both Russia and Turkey are currently in talks about the situation around the Idlib buffer zone; they have both stated that the deal is still on, but that it is taking longer than needed to implement.

A source in nearby Mhardeh told Al-Masdar that the Syrian Army is on high alert and will remain at the front-lines until the situation is clarified.

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