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Syria: Terror Sponsors Facilitating Terrorists’ Access to Chemical Substances

26 November 2018 16:27

Syria accused some states in the region of facilitating terrorists’ access to chemical substances, stressing that attacking residential neighborhoods in Aleppo City by terrorist organizations came in this context.

In a letter sent to the UN Secretary-General, the Security Council’s President and the Director-General of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Syrian Foreign Ministry called for taking deterrent and punitive measures against the states and regimes which support and fund terrorism.

“On Nov. 24th 2018, armed terrorist groups attacked with toxic gases safe residential neighborhoods in Aleppo City as they targeted the neighborhoods of al-Khalidyia, al-Hamadanyia, al-Shahba, al-Neel Street and Jam’ayat al-Zahra in Aleppo City with tens of mortar shells filled with chlorine as 107 civilians suffered from suffocation and very dangerous cases of poisoning, mostly women, children and elderly people, in addition to the damages inflicted on the public and private properties in the targeted areas,” the letter read, according to SANA news agency.

“This terrorist act comes as a result of facilitating terrorists’ access to chemical substances by some states,” the statement added, stressing that the aim of the attack is to blame the Syrian government for.

Such “plays” have been orchestrated “at the black rooms of the intelligence of some states which sponsor terrorism,” the Syrian ministry noted.

The attack was “carried out by terrorists of the (White Helmets) who are also involved in this terrorist act as the shells were fired from areas where they are active and in particular from the southeastern area of al-Braikyiat village in Aleppo countryside.”

The ministry meanwhile urged Security Council to “immediately and strongly condemn these terrorist crimes and to shoulder its responsibilities in preserving the international peace and security through taking deterrent, immediate and punitive measures against the states and regimes which support and fund terrorism.”

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