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Next-gen Moudge-class, Jamaran-class destroyers to join Iran’s naval fleet

30 November 2018 19:48


Commander of Iranian Navy said a new generation of Moudge-class destroyer and third generation of Jamaran destroyer will join the naval fleet in the Persian Gulf on Saturday.

Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi made the remarks at Tehran Friday Prayers, a day after two Ghadir-class submarines capable of launching subsurface-to-surface missiles, torpedoes and mines joined Iran’s naval fleet.

Khanzadi noted that a 955-Ghadir submarine, and a next-gen Fateh-class strategic submarine, and a completely domestically-manufactured Sahand destroyer will join the southern naval fleet today.

He added that a next-gen Moudge-class destroyer (Sahand) and a third generation Jamaran-class destroyer will also join the fleet in the Persian Gulf on Saturday.

According to him, Dena-class destroyers and another Jamaran-class destroyer will be re-constructed in a few months and join the naval fleet.

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