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40 disabled Palestinians are imprisoned by zionist occupation israel

Palestinian researcher, former detainee specialized in detainees affairs, Abdul-Nasser Farwana, stated that the zionist occupation israeli occupation is still holding captive more than 40 disabled Palestinians.

Farawna issued a report on the event of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is marked on December 3rd each year.

He said that since israel occupied Palestine, especially after it occupied the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in 1967; it repeatedly attacked, arrested and imprisoned disabled, injured, and ailing Palestinians, and subjected them to harsh living and health conditions.

He added that there are several detainees on wheelchairs, and need specialized attention, in addition to detainees who can barely walk, and others who suffer from serious illnesses, especially cancer, liver diseases, and heart issues.

There are more than 200 Palestinian detainees who died due to the lack of medical attention and torture in zionist occupation israeli prisons and detention camps.

Some of the detainees died of different diseases, some were shot and wounded before they were kidnapped, others where shot by the army during attacks against the detainees, and others died due to extreme torture during interrogation.

The number of Palestinians currently imprisoned by zionist occupation israel is approximately 7200; the numbers usually vary due to the fact thatzionist occupation israel kidnaps on average 5-10 Palestinians detainees daily, and sometimes around 15.

Some of the kidnapped Palestinians are released while the rest are sent to military courts or directly receive Administrative Detention orders without any charges filed against them. zionist occupation israel claims it has secret files against the detainees who are sent to Administrative Detention, but such alleged files are not accessible even to the lawyers.

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