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42 Prominent US, European Figures Sign Petition Condemning UAE’s Normalization Deal with ‘israel’

A group of 42 leading American and European activists signed an international petition to deplore a US-brokered deal to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel.

The petition released on the facebook page of Dr. Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, argues that the peace deal between the UAE and Israel is “another black mark on the faces of some Arab rulers”.

“The sinister alliance of the UAE with Zionist Israel, occupier of Palestine, is yet another black mark on the faces of some Arab rulers. This agreement did not just come from talks between Israel and the UAE.  Rather, it came also out of the US’ efforts to continue its hegemony in the region.  The more than 70 years’ colonization of a land, concomitant with murdering, torturing and imprisoning its inhabitants is indeed an undeniable crime and shouldn’t be tolerated by the international community. However, this new chapter in the history, this new pact between the Apartheid Entity of Israel and the UAE goes beyond the shameful past.  It is, in fact, much more dangerous for the future. It distorts and misinforms the real chronicle of the region,” the petition said.

“The UAE rulers and those behind the scenes have targeted the Muslims solidarity and resistance while they try to normalize having ties with an apartheid and illegal regime, legitimizing its presence among the area’s nations. Did the 1978 acceptance of the Zionist regime by Egypt – self-proclaimed Arab world leader – help solve Israel’s security problems? Did the Oslo Accords with the PLO in 1993 stop Israel’s crimes? Could the peace treaty with Jordan in 1994 legitimate Israel’s existence for all the Arabs and Muslims there? And will the recent arrangement with the UAE limit unlawful Zionist settlements? Will Trump politicize that deal and take some benefit from it in the upcoming US presidential elections?” it asked.

People across the Arab world hold protest rallies against the UAE-Israel deal

The petition noted that this recent incident is not a strategic development in West Asia, but a geo-strategic mistake by Abu Dhabi and its nature is now clear not only to all governments across the globe but particularly to those nations in the region, adding, “This is certainly an occasion to show dignity, independence, and honor for Muslim countries as well as all free peoples and independent thinkers globally.  How can they do this? They can declare their opposition to this disgraceful coalition.”

“Hence, we urge you to join your voice to ours in condemning this agreement,” the signatories demanded.

The petition has been signed by the following 42 figures so far:  

Pr. Francis Boyle (USA); human rights lawyer, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law

Pr. Farid Esack (South Africa); Professor in the Study of Islam at  University of Johannesburg, appointed by as a gender equity commissioner by Nelson Mandela

Pr. Mazin Qumsiyeh (Palestine); Professor at Bethlehem University, director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History

Pr. Claudio Mutti (Italy); former professor of University of Bologna, Director of “Eurasia” quarterly journal of geopolitics

Pr. Rodney Shakespeare (UK); Political commentator & visiting professor of binary economics at Trisakti University

Pr. Lawrence Davidson (US) retired professor of history from West Chester University in Pennsylvania

Pr. Pierre Dortiguier (France); Philosopher and former University Professor 

Dr. Michael Springmann (USA); Attorney, author, political commentator, and former diplomat

Dr. Philip Giraldi (USA); former CIA military intelligence officer, Director of the Council for the National Interest

Dr. Kevin Barrett (USA); One of the best-known critics of the War on Terror, former professor of Wisconsin University

Dr. Maria Poumier (France); former professor of Sorbonne University, Journalist & Documentary filmmaker

Dr. Bruno Drweski (France); Professor at National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations

Dr. Christian Bouchet (France); former politician, journalist, PhD in antropology

Michael Maloof (USA); Former Senior Security Policy Analyst at the office of secretary of Defense

Lord Nazir Ahmed (UK); member of the House of Lords

Samu Tamás Gergő (Hungary); former MP

Sara Flounders (USA); Co-Director for the International Action Center, antiwar activist

Abby Martin (USA); Journalist, TV presenter, host of “Breaking the Set” on RT &  “The Empire Files” on Telesur

Iurie Roșca (Moldova); former Deputy Prime Minister & president of the Christian-Democratic People’s Party

David Rovics (USA); Singer & Songwriter, antiwar musician

Edward Corrigan (Canada); The only lawyer certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in Citizenship & Immigration Law

David Lawley Wakelin (UK); documentary filmmaker

Greta Berlin (USA); Co-Founder: Free Gaza movement, Author: Freedom Sailors

Isabelle Coutant Peyre (France); International Lawyer

Muhammad al-Asi (USA); former led prayer at the Islamic Center of Washington, religious leader, commentator of Quran

Richard Labévière (France); Writer and investigative Journalist, operational reserve officer of the French Navy

Ken O’keefe (Ireland); former US marine, antiwar activist and documentary maker

Father Dave Smith (Australia); Anglican priest & social activist

Eric Walberg (Canada); Writer and geopolitical expert

Jacob Cohen (France); Writer and Researcher on Freemasonry and Israel’s secret agencies 

Gilles Munier (France); Investigative journalist and writer

Elizabeth Murray (USA); former Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Middle East & former CIA analyst 

Imad Hamrouni (France); Geopolitical commentator for France24, Al-Mayadeen, professor at Paris Geopolitics Academy

Dogan Bermek (Turkey); President of Alevi Philosophy Center, Religious Leader

Konrad Rekas (Scotland); Chairman of the Polish Yes for Scotland Association, Journalist

Tesha Teshanovic (Poland); Editor-in-chief of Balkan Info, Journalist

Andrew Korybko (USA); Political Analyst, GlobalResearch contributor

Jeff J. Brown (France); the China Trilogy, China Rising Radio Sinoland, China Tech News Flash! Bioweapon Truth Commission

James Perloff (USA); author and journalist

Tony Gosling (UK); Investigative Journalist

Bartosz Bekier (Poland); Editor in Chief of Xportal.pl

Sander Hicks (USA); Political Activist

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