“97% of Gaza water polluted on World Water Day”


As the world marks the World Water Day, Gaza’s 1.8 million-population is struggling to cope with lack of clean water.The coastal aquifer, Gaza’s main water source, is heavily contaminated with various pollutants including high levels of nitrates.

Dumping of untreated sewage into the sea has been a major cause for the pollution. The reason: lack of electricity to operate treatment plants.

Water contamination levels are three times higher than the World Health Organization standards for safe drinking water.
Experts have warned of a humanitarian disaster as the water pollution levels have reached near one hundred percent.

During the recent Israel war on Gaza Israeli forces targeted the infrastructure of the territory including water and sewage networks.
Israeli restrictions on the entry of equipment and materials have also slowed the completion of water desalination and filtration stations.

The severity of Gaza’s water crisis is likely to increase in the coming summer months.

With water pollution levels rising experts blame the problems on the Israeli blockade as well as Israel’s stealing of Gaza Strip’s underground water for many years.

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