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A Lecture of the Necessity of Unity of the Ummah by Mallam Ashiru

The Lecture on the fifth day was supposed to be delivered by Sheikh Sayyid Abubakar from Niamey, Niger Republic but could not attend due to illness. However, he sent his disciple Mallam Muhammad Ashiru to speak on his behalf.

Mal Ashiru spoke on the necessity of Unity amongst Muslims where he said it is made incumbent upon Muslims by Allah the creator upon Muslims. The fruits of unity are many, he said, adding that it is only through it the Ummah can achieve its goals and objectives. Most importantly Muslims unity will lead to God’s favour and acceptance whereas lack of it will lead to loss, he expressed

While speaking on the causes of disunity, the speaker explained that the Prophet of Islam(SAWA) warned the Ummah against disarray as the former nations did, but after the demise of the messenger not long ago the Ummah became divided for leadership aim. He noted that Jews and Christians opposed their Prophet but the Prophet warned his Ummah against following the path of Jews. However the Ummah did not pay heed and created divisions after him; they even killed and maimed Prophet’s son after him something not recorded in the case of former nations.

Regarding the successors after him, the Prophet described them as Noah’s ark who ever boards it is save and who declined is destroyed; they are endowed with knowledge, wisdom and fear of God all at highest level, Mal. Ashiru says, adding that after the Prophet those who raised to the position of leadership changed and followed their wishes. Mallam Ashiru further noted it was the beginning of divisions amongst the Ummah which still persists to this date in addition to millions of dollars being spent by the enemies of Islam to further create discord and division.

The speaker further explained that the solution lies in going back to the sources as everything is contained in the book of Allah and authentic sayings of the prophet if properly understood. This is because, he said, even the Mazahibs that exist nowadays were politically motivated after the demise of the prophet(SAWA) to support the ruling class of that time. He warned that selfish interest should not prevent Muslims from following the truth when they found it.

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky thanked the Speaker for his contribution and reiterated that the aim of the gathering is to foster unity among Muslims of different Schools of Thought. He therefore advised that when discussing tough issues it is better to guide people towards inculcating habit of research than openly speaking about a people whose others respect.

He further explained the Prophet faced steep opposition from the Quraysh, however ,those who opposed him later embraced Islam in Madina and some of them brought about problems in the Ummah.

He added that now there are over one billion Muslims globally with majority of them following politically motivated Mazahibs , therefore, the only solution is for Muslims to accept one another despite the different Schools without calling a group to leave their Mazhab for another. This is the time of coming to together for the service of Islam especially on matters of necessity, the Sheikh pointed out.

The history of School of Thoughts originated when early Muslims who adhered to a particular School, migrated to different parts of world and spread that Mazhab in the environment. The leader added that this era is different from the former due to easy communication and transportations and as such Muslims can share their various understandings among themselves for the benefit of all; there should be no problem in this as Islam will greatly benefit.

He further added that Mazhab is similar to a language which disappears or change with change of environment. A person speaking particular language may find himself speaking in another due to change of environment, this also applies to School of Thought, The Sheikh noted

He concluded by stressing that what the Ummah need is Unity.

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