‘Abiding by humane values is a must upon all Muslims’


The religious cleric, Hojjatol-Islam Ali Reza Penahiyan urged Muslims to abide by humane values and principles, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

“To this end, Muslims should team up and work in tandem especially when the going gets tough,” underscored the religious cleric highlighting the elevated role of unity and its positive impact on Muslims’ lives.

Unity and solidarity was a key role in the triumph of Islamic Revolution,” said the religious cleric counting the late Imam (RA) as the messenger of unity warning sternly over the fallouts and negative consequences of dispersion among Muslims.

Religious clerics always urge Muslims to refrain from any conflict which in turn lays the way for enemies to penetrate in Muslim societies.

In their line, Muslims can brave their problems and setbacks through cooperation; given that the standing disunity among them only favors enemies.

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