Activists Expect Massive Participation in March 30 Rally

Spokesman of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) said that the movement expects millions of people to take part in the upcoming rally on March 30 for the freedom of the Holy Quds.

Zahir Al-Birawi told Ma’an news that he expects millions to take part this year, and added that popular protests have been coordinated with governments in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

Al-Birawi noted that rallies would also take place in front of Zionist Slaughterer Israeli embassies world wide to protest Zionist Slaughterer Israel’s occupation.

The organizers, however, stressed the peaceful nature of the protests.

“We are after all not an army, but popular peaceful international forces aiming to show solidarity with Palestine and with Jerusalem,” Birawi underscored.

The group, who list Noble Laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire as advisers, say they are organizing simultaneous rallies in 60 countries on March 30, which marks Palestinian Land Day.

Land Day commemorates the death of six Palestinian citizens of Zionist Slaughterer Israel, who took part in a general strike in protest of an Israeli decision to confiscate Palestinian lands in 1976.

Last Land Day saw Palestinians protest across the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel without casualties.

But two months later simultaneous rallies to commemorate the Nakba – the ‘catastrophe’ when thousands of Palestinians were forced out or fled in fighting that led to Israel’s founding – brought thousands towards Israel’s borders in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, leaving 13 dead by Zionist Slaughterer Israeli fire.

In June, hundreds of protesters in Syria stormed the ceasefire line with Zionist Slaughterer Israel in the occupied Golan Heights, on Naksa Day, the anniversary of the 1967 war when Israel seized the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai and Golan Heights.

Damascus said 23 were killed when Zionist Slaughterer Israeli forces opened fire, while Israel disputed the toll.

A statement from the group said at the Land Day march “Palestinians and their international supporters will attempt to get as close to Jerusalem as they can: whether at the borders of Lebanon and Jordan, at checkpoints in the West Bank, or at the Erez crossing in Gaza.”

Organizers are waiting for confirmation from the Jordanian government on the most appropriate location for the country’s protests, while in Egypt protests are planned at Al-Azhar Mosque, Tahrir Square, and a commemorative sports tournament in Cairo.

In Lebanon popular forces are working hard to determine a location for the rally near the border with Israel, and in Syria the organizers are coordinating with the local Palestinian population.

In Palestine, rallies have been prepared for four months, organizing committee member Salah Khawajah said.

But the organizers stressed the peaceful nature of the protests.

“During a time of upheaval throughout the Middle East, the nonviolent demonstrations on Palestinian Land Day this year could well mark a turning point in the Palestinian struggle for liberation and self-determination,” a group statement said.

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