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Afghans celebrate 43rd anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution

Afghans mark the 43rd anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution by organizing different events. They view the victory of the 1979 Revolution as the beginning of a new era in the Muslim world, inspiring people to seek freedom.

Afghans say resisting invaders and fighting for an Islamic and independent government were among the main lessons they learned from Iran’s Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini’s school of thought.

Separately, Afghan teenagers from different provinces have held a “Fajr Sports Festival” to mark the 43rd anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

Iran and Afghanistan, beside sharing borders, have many historical, cultural and ideological values in common. Imam Khomeini as a Muslim leader further added to the closeness between the two nations.

As a neighboring and Islamic country, Afghanistan celebrates the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution every year, inspired by Imam Khomeini’s awakening efforts.

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