Ahmad Al-Asir: Expired!

aseer2He was a short-term phenomenon in Lebanon, with limited liabilities. Unlike what
he claimed about brave leaders yielding at combat, he ran from battle when felt jeopardy.

Just like previous prototypes, whether Western or Gulf made, he was created and shelved as necessity required. Be it the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Contra in Nicaragua, the Lahd Militias in south Lebanon or other, all are examples of regime-created movements that share the same circumstances when they come to light, when in action and activity, and at their getaway ending. All are founded on the basis of illusions and contrived facts.

These organizations stem from sectarian, economic and of course political circumstances and given. A “fake cause” is invented, then promoted on both, the media and popular levels.

For instance, the Lahd militias claimed their collaboration with the “Israeli” enemy is a guarantee to desired stability. This claim was denied after the end of the Zionist project in Lebanon in the year 2000, when the liberation came to prove that Christians in the south are doing much better than before, and even feel safer than the times when Lahd was ‘at their service’.

In the case of al-Asir, the invented pretext is “the Sunni people are targeted”. This phenomenon was created as a tool to target the Resistance, a tool made by regional and international powers. It was aided by media distortion and black-out, also fact distortion and falsification in order to disfigure the Resistance and its axis. They created the biggest lie: There is a Shiite threat against Sunnis. Yet, ground facts prove these claims futile. Al-Asir called on the Sunni army soldiers and generals to defect from the Lebanese army, but no response came to such urge. The Sunnis realize well that al-Asir is a Takfiri danger that threatens them in first place. On the contrary, the Sunnis, in Saida especially, welcomed the role of the Lebanese army.

As for the ending, these are also very similar. The original people of a certain project let go their puppets, their tools, as soon as circumstances change or are modified, or when these tools expire.

Antoine Lahd, for instance, is mere proof that the maestro lets go his choir when the chant performance is done. Samir Geagea, who was made by a major player, is another example of no less importance; he was put 11 years in prison, none of his creators were there to defend him.

Meanwhile, al-Asir; a version of phenomena produced on the margins of major schemes, based on fabricated facts, is mobilized for a short period of time and then dumped in a moment of miscalculations.

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