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Ahmadinejad Raps West for Meddling in Internal Affairs of Other Countries

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lambasted the western countries for their meddling in the internal affairs of the other countries, and said such an approach will not help to the settlement of problems in the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran favors justice and freedom for all countries and human beings, believing that interference of the US and western states in the internal affairs of countries would not solve problems.

“Nations should join hands and build a beautiful future”, he added.

Ahmadinejad said countries’ domestic problems should be solved through understanding and solidarity.

Speaking to Leader of Malaysia’s Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) in Tehran on the sidelines of the 25th International Islamic Unity Conference on Wednesday, President Ahmadinejad said freedom, justice and choice are the rights of all nations as the values will not come out of the arms of NATO and western troops.

“Countries’ domestic problems should be solved through solidarity and understanding.”

He said the main problem with certain regional countries is interference of the arrogant powers.

He added that unfortunately, certain Arab states send money and arms to other countries to sow discord, using satellites and media networks to arouse hostility and enmity.

The president noted that some governments which have not held any elections during their political life and freedom has no sense in their culture, have today got together, claiming that other countries should hold elections.

He added that in fact those, who are considered real dictators, prescribe democracy and freedom for other countries.

Reports revealed in January that Riyadh and Doha have recruited al-Qaeda and Salafi forces in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to help the Syrian terrorists spark tension and insecurities in the Middle-Eastern country.

According to the FNA dispatches from Syria, the al-Qaeda and Salafi terrorists have infiltrated into Syria in recent months and were involved in different terrorist attacks in the Arab country.

In addition to the support provided by Riyadh officials for the terrorist attacks in Syria, Saudi clergymen and Friday prayers leaders have also called the protests and moves against the Syrian government as halal (religiously legitimate) and have persuaded people to exercise them.

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