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Ahmadinejad: Satan isolated on Int’l Quds Day

cdd23328fb3b9536f12b4d7edb86ee8f_LIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said the Satan would be isolated on International Quds Day.

According to Fars News Agency, President Ahmadinejad made remarks on the sidelines of the rallies commemorating the International Quds Day in Tehran on Friday.
He said: “The International Quds Day is one of the great days in Islam” adding, this day is an important day in the life of humanity and is the time when Satan would be isolated and all the virtues would be positioned across the world.
The Iranian President also described the Quds Day as a symbol in the life of humanity and reiterated: “The International Quds Day is the symbol of the indefatigable attempts made by the righteous people for the establishment of justice across the globe.”
He pointed to today’s Quds Day rallies in Iran and said: “Iranians have participated in Quds Day rallies more passionately than before.”
Iranians have held massive rallies across the country to commemorate the International Quds Day.
Muslims and non-Muslims in other countries around the world have also participated in the same rallies

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