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Ahmadinejad urges new world order over multiple global crises

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has renewed a call for a fresh world order to change the dominant status quo that upholds ‘wars, occupations, arms races, global economic, moral, identity and family crises.’

“The widening North-South divide and various crises and worries, including crises of family and identity, wars, occupations and revenge-seeking, endless arms races and economic, moral and ethical crisis and the failure to realize human principles are all the results of the current order and system dominating the world,” the Iranian president was said on Wednesday at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.

“We must cure such old wounds in the human society by reforming the existing global state and outlining a more transparent prospect for the future,” he added.

“During a lengthy period in the world, slavery, colonialism and record plundering of cultures, identities and possessions of hundreds of millions of defenseless people as well as the destruction of their integrity, freedom and rights had gained prominence; and in yet another long era, we were witness to global wars such as those in Korea and Vietnam and the wars by Zionists (Israeli regime) against Palestine and regional nations, Lebanon and Gaza as well as the war [former Iraqi dictator] Saddam [Hussein] waged against Iran, NATO’s wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, Africa and the Balkans and other parts of the world,” President Ahmadinejad noted.

He went on to describe the environmental protection and the promotion of material and moral progress of societies as “the reflection of a better human life, intellect and providence,” insisting that “no one has the right to destroy the environment, which belongs to all.”

The president further emphasized the need to agree on a more precise definition of human beings and social relations and accordingly establish a new global order and development system to resolve the troubles in today’s world, saying, “We believe the human being is, in essence, monotheistic, justice-seeking, fair-minded and desires love and beauty.”

The Iranian chief executive also dismissed implementation of any plans based on past theories, arguing that global institutions such as the World Trade Organization, Human Rights Council, UN Security Council, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have all failed in performing their duties and it would not be rational to establish a new system on the basis of such models.

President Ahmadinejad concluded his address by making recommendations for reforming the current global state, emphasizing the significance of reaching consensus on a comprehensive description in efforts to facilitate plans for a new world order that would be at the service of common people and their material and moral development.

The Iranian president arrived in Brazil early Wednesday, leading a high-level delegation, on a two-day official visit at the invitation of his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff to participate in the Rio+20 Summit on the second leg of his ongoing Latin American tour to attend the Rio+20 Summit.

The high-level environmental meeting, also known as the Earth Summit, which is formally called the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, is in progress at the Riocentro Convention Centre in Rio de Janeiro and will end on June 22.

Following the summit, President Ahmadinejad will travel to Venezuela on the last leg of his South American tour for a state visit.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, Vice President for Executive Affairs Hamid Baqaei, and Vice President for International Affairs Ali Sa’eedlou are accompanying the president on the trip.

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