Ahmadinejad: US Should Revise Attitude towards Iran

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cautioned on Tuesday that Washington should reconsider its confrontational attitude towards Tehran.

“The US has to revise its attitude towards Iran, because confrontation has never been beneficial to them, and the US has sustained the most loss (due to its confrontation approach),” Ahmadinejad said at a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

Responding to a question about the upcoming US presidential election and its impact on Iran, the president said the US media asked him the same question when he was in the US for a UN General Assembly meeting, but “reserved judgment, because I do not want to say anything to be regarded as an effort to influence that election”.

“Surely the present conditions between Iran and US cannot be continued,” Ahmadinejad stressed.

Analysts believe that the US is at loggerheads with Iran due mainly to the independent and home-grown nature of Tehran’s nuclear technology, which gives the Islamic Republic the potential to turn into a world power and a role model for the other third-world countries. Washington has laid much pressure on Iran to make it give up the most sensitive and advanced part of the technology, which is uranium enrichment, a process used for producing nuclear fuel for power plants.

Israel and its close ally the United States accuse Iran of seeking a nuclear weapon, while they have never presented any corroborative document to substantiate their allegations. Both Washington and Tel Aviv possess advanced weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear warheads.

Iran vehemently denies the charges, insisting that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Tehran stresses that the country has always pursued a civilian path to provide power to the growing number of Iranian population, whose fossil fuel would eventually run dry.

Both the US and Israel have recently intensified their war rhetoric against Iran, pretending that a strike on Iran’s nuclear sites is impending.

In response, Iran has warned it would hit the US, Israel and their worldwide interests and close the strategic Strait of Hormuz if it became the target of a military attack over its nuclear program.

Strait of Hormuz, the entrance to the strategic Persian Gulf waterway, is a major oil shipping route.

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