Ahrar center: 3,784 arrests in 2012

Ahrar center
Ahrar center for human rights and prisoners studies stated, in its annual report on Israeli human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, that there were 3,784 arrests across the West Bank and Gaza strip in 2012.

November was the month with highest number of arrests due to the demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza all over the West Bank. The clashes between the demonstrators and the army were in every city. The number of arrests in November was 621, while August was the month with the least arrests. The number of arrests was 208, the center’s director Fuad Al Khuffash, confirmed in a written statement.

The center stated that there were (320) detentions in January, (380) detentions in February, (355) detentions in March, (285) in April, (240) in May, (265) in June, (250) in July, (208) in August, (246) in September, (292) in October, (621) in November and (322) in December, according to the statement.

The Center said that al-Khalil has witnessed the highest level of arrests. Nablus was next followed by Ramallah, according to the statement.

“In the Gaza strip the numbers were lesser than West Bank and were between the fishermen who were arrested from the sea and released after short time.”

The Centre pointed out that it works to document the arrest cases whether they were released or still under investigation, or under Administrative Detentions, stressing that the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is about 4,200 prisoners.

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