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Airborne Commander: Iran Enjoys Most Powerful Helicopter Fleet in West Asia

Iranian Army Airborne Commander General Yousef Qorbani said that his country’s powerful helicopter fleet ranks first in West Asia and fifth in the world.

“We are in possession of the most powerful helicopter fleet in West Asia and our great helicopter fleet is the fifth in the world,” General Qorbani told FNA on Monday.

He added that the Iranian helicopters’ winning card in the battleground is their fire power, saying that this power has been enhanced appropriate to the conditions of today wars.

“This means that we do not fire at the enemy from close range, but we target them in the fire and forget format from far distance,” General Qorbani said.

He also added that Iranian experts are combining the helicopters’ arms systems with night-vision systems to strengthen their combat power at night, noting that a large number of the country’s helicopters will also be equipped with self-protection systems.

“Today, we do not send unarmed helicopters to anywhere that it cannot defend itself; meaning that today, even our logistic helicopters have been armed,” General Qorbani said.

In relevant remarks in 2018, General Qorbani announced that the country’s helicopters have been equipped with night-vision systems.

“Our dear experts in the air industry have had a highly successful performance and have equipped our helicopters with night-vision systems,” he said.

“We have also become fully indigenized in the field of long-range missile systems. Turning ground-based missiles to air-based missiles and enjoying the best fire-and-forget missiles are among other achievements of the Army Airborne Unit,” the Iranian General added.

General Qorbani underlined that Iran is among the pioneering states in developing helicopters with the capability of fighting electronic warfare, targeting guided missiles, interception of targets from distance and using cruise missiles.

He also underlined that his forces are always on alert to show rapid reaction against enemies’ possible moves against the country.

“The enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran will face the Army Airborne’s rapid reaction in case of any threat,” General Qorbani said.

He added that the Army Airborne unit relies on the capabilities of Iranian experts and has increased its military power in different fields.

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