Al-Assad’s Clear Message: Tel Aviv into City of Ashes, Talk of Toppling Regime Farce

Al-Assad’s Clear Message
Two years on the disintegration of Syria, the solid center of the resistance axis, and away from failing bets on the fall of the Syrian regime, the speech of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad formed a thunderbolt to some Western and Arab countries.

They simply were slapped as their hopes turned into mirage. Al-Assad succeeded in cutting the rope of bets by the knife of firmness: The talk of toppling Syria are mere dreams.
In his honest and firm speech, al-Assad derived the words from ground evidences: The significant progress, achieved by the Syrian army in its confrontation with the armed groups, caused heavy losses in their ranks, despite the fact that the Syrian media was unable to portray this image due to the modesty of its means.
This comes as the countries, supporting these groups, acknowledged that the Syrian army showed poise as well as a high defensive and combat doctrine, that the strongest armies in the world might lack.
In this context, Syrian military sources confirmed that “al-Assad’s speech was multidirectional and included many letters to a number of countries that have their influence on the armed groups.”

In an interview with al-Ahed news site, the sources highlighted that “this confused these countries and remixed the papers after some betters got drunk with the hopes of toppling al-Assad’s regime.”
“”Israel”, on top of the hopeful waiters, soon felt the pain of al-Assad’s speech multi-stock,” the sources mentioned, and noted that “the Zionist entity rushed to mediated the US to inform the Syrian leadership that “such an operation would lead to a huge all-out war.””Israel” threatened, according to the sources, that “it will respond to any Syrian missile by destroying the Mezze region, the presidential palace, basic facilities in the Syrian capital, including Damascus International Airport, in addition to the infrastructure in all Syrian provinces.”

However, “Israel” was surprised by al-Assad’s firm and decisive answer :

“If the issue turned to be to life or death in face of the conspiracy against Syria, we choose martyrdom to defend every grain of country’s soil and I am the first to carry the gun and come down into the street,” Al-Assad said.

Moreover, he vowed: “We will turn Tel Aviv to a city of ashes.”

Meanwhile, the military sources revealed to al-Ahed that “there are between 500 and 750 Scud missiles that are directed towards specific targets all over “Israel”.”
“We are able to lead to mass destruction and “Israel” is fully aware that it well be paralyzed because of its close distance to Syria,” they iterated, and warned that “this will be the greatest missile strike since the Vietnam War.”

Given this situation – sources clarified – that “Israel” received the concept of the threat, especially after recognizing that Syria will not stand idly if attacked from “Israel” or any other side , especially in light of the Western, Arab, and regional conspiracy against its existence.
In response, the US administration urged Moscow to pressure Syria to alleviate its tone and practice restraint regarding these issues as they would lead to a global unlimited war.

The sources also set the talk of US-Russian convergence over Syria within the framework of Damascus’ threats to the Zionist entity.
“The “Mossad” activated its participation in the bombings and assassinations of a number of areas and high-ranking military officers,” they unveiled, and accused the “Israeli” intelligence of “recruiting Syrian rebels to gather information about the whereabouts of a number of political, military, and academic figures.”

According to the al-Ahed sources, Washington was quick to grab any political initiative that will find a way to resolve the crisis contrary to what it promotes in public.
“It further called Moscow to understand its position because a rapid decline in its positions will leave a great shock on the US administration’s allies,” they said.
On this level, the sources attributed the decline in US attitudes over Syria to the following matters:

– First: Washington is well aware that the Syrian threats to “Israel” are very serious and would threaten the existence of the Zionist entity on the map.

– Second: The US touched the preponderance of the Syrian regime’s gains parallel to the cohesion of the army and its adherence to a military doctrine that is way from being affected by sticks and carrots, temptations, and compromises. In the military terminology, the facts proved that this army is not broken before the waves and no intelligence, including the Mossad and the CIA, is able to drain its abilities even if the battle continued for several years. This is added to the Syrian leadership, army, people and institutions’ steadfastness in face of a fierce war, not ever seen before.

– Third: [Added to the Syrian army’s achievements] The US and other countries became convinced that toppling the current regime, despite the difficulty to be achieved – will not change the equation unless the army’s doctrine falls and is replaces by another. This might be similar to Iraq and Libya after the toppling of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.

In addition, the Russian officials told the US administration that President Assad has a fixed will not be altered even by all nations. It stated: “We will neither allow to topple Syria nor to confiscate its geo-strategic and resistant location, role, and position .. We strive to save the national sovereignty and will not listen to the foreign noise. . Our army is strong and any talk about removing the system is a farce.”

Pending what will the coming days imply of ground developments and events, and given the achievements of the Syrian army in eliminating a large number of armed groups, things move towards a political solution that will be blessed by its giant godfathers: Russian and the US. Meanwhile, other countries will deliver their blesses although they preferred not to reveal their role in this solution.

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