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Al-Iraqiya opposing Maliki over ISCI

Al-Iraqiya coalition has been encouraged to oppose Nouri al-Maliki’s nomination because of the support it received from the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), a Middle East expert says.

Several parties have nominated Maliki to serve as Iraq’s prime minister for a second term. The move, however, has faced strong opposition from certain quarters, including the former premier Iyad Allawi’s al-Iraqiya bloc.

“Al-Iraqiya List (coalition) is being encouraged to oppose al-Maliki because of the support they got from ISCI, led by al-Hakim, who insists that the nominee must be endorsed by all political blocs,” Middle East expert Zayd al-Isa told Press TV.

Isa described ISCI’s demand as “unconstitutional” and “unrealistic.”

“This is something unconstitutional. Let me give you a quick analogy. It is as if the [British] Labour party, when they elected Ed Miliband, one of the candidates, let’s say his brother David, could have said Ed cannot be our candidate unless the [rival] Conservative party says OK. So it is absolutely unrealistic,” he added.

Iraq’s political gridlock began following the March 7 parliamentary elections, in which no single party was able to gain enough parliamentary seats to establish a majority.

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