Al Khalifa regime maintained by US


Press TV interviews Rodney Shakespeare, the chairman of the Committee against Torture in Bahrain, from London, to talk about the Bahraini forces’ crackdown on protesters mourning the killing of a 17-year-old by regime troops.

The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: If we want to take a look at Bahrain, we have to take a look at both the United States and Saudi Arabia of which of course based on what is happening on the ground in Bahrain, many are saying it is Saudi Arabia dictating what is going on there.

But we know that Saudi Arabia and the US are at loggerheads now on a variety of issues. Does that mean that the US now is left helpless if they were to do anything in regards to Bahrain?

Shakespeare: Saudi Arabia and the USA are not at loggerheads. You have got the Saudis, a family, who have nobody loyal to them. So all the time they fear they are being betrayed but the reality is that Saudi Arabia is maintained by the USA, that the killer Khalifas are maintained by the USA and Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the USA are hand in glove and in practice maintaining and expanding Israel.

The Saudis lie their heads off but they could get rid of Israel by calling a boycott which will be successful …. So when it comes to lies, hypocrisy, viciousness, totalitarianism and making lies up about a young boy who has just been murdered, claiming he had a bomb… The opposition in Bahrain was being peaceful from the beginning and what happened? They just get shot in the face and blinded.

This is what you get from the Saudis; this is what you get from the Bahrainis and this is what you get from the Americans.

Press TV: So I guess there would be no chance for the US to reconsider their US Fifth Fleet that is stationed in Bahrain?

Shakespeare: Look, the USA is now despised right throughout the world. It is laughed at that it cannot get its budget right; it is despised and it is hated. If the USA has any sense at all, it would get out of the Persian Gulf and so there are modern democracies and then treat them in the normal way.

But the trouble with the USA is it is controlled by Zionism; it has an imperial mindset; it is completely out of date and decent sensible people now despise the USA particularly when it supports the killer Khalifas and the torturers and the Saudis.

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