Al-Nusra announces its operations’ in Lebanon: ‘we will target schools and parks

51a719ac53d72Lebanese news media have reported information about leaflets circulated by Foreign-backed terrorist group “al-Nusra Front”, a branch of al-Qaeda organization in Syria.

Those leaflets, which were circulated in Burj al-Barajneh Camp in Lebanon and in many neighborhoods of the southern suburbs of Beirut, include an announcement of the onset of its military operations in Lebanon.

Al-Nusra continued its statement that: “if Hezbollah does not stop killing our Jihadist brothers in Syria and withdraw from Syrian territories within 3 days, we will respond harshly against Lebanon, especially border areas , al-Buqa’a and the southern suburbs in which Hezbolla members exist, our targets will be markets, Schools, Public establishments and public parks.

The Lebanese President, Misheil Sulaiman, responded to that in an interview with “al-Mustaqbal Channel”: “no comments, each incident has its own circumstances.

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