Al-Nusra Front Forces Children, Women to Wear Suicide Belt in Northern Aleppo


The Al-Nusra Front terrorist group has forced children and women in Mayer town in Northern Aleppo to wear suicide belts and sent them to the nearby Al-Zahra and Nubl towns in a bid to blow them up by remote-controlled devices as soon as they approach the targets in a bid to break the army siege of its members in the two towns.

The move by the Al-Nusra terrorists comes as the Syrian army has begun purging terrorists from the recently captured town of Bashkoy and villages of Doweir al-Zaytoun and Tal Jabin in Northern Aleppo province.

The Syrian army is trying to break the four-year siege of the Shiite-populated Al-Zahra and Nubl towns, and meantime laid siege on the terrorists in several villages and towns.

Now reports say the Al-Nusra terrorist group explodes the suicide belts that it has forced the women and children of Mayer to wear to destroy the army’s key positions in regions near Nubl and Al-Zahra to help its terrorists get out.

Earlier today, hundreds of Takfiri terrorists were trying to cross the border to Turkey after losing vast grounds and dozens of their friends in the Syrian army’s massive operations in Northern Aleppo province.

The terrorists have sustained heavy losses as the Syrian army is hunting them down in the Northern part of Aleppo province.

Tens of terrorists have been killed and dozens more have been injured in heavy clashes with the Syrian troops in Northern Aleppo in the past two days as the army conducted massive assaults to win back more villages and towns in the region.

Reports said on Tuesday large groups of militants are fleeing their strongholds in different areas of Northern Aleppo province as the Syrian army announced that it has cut off one of the main supply routes of the militants in the Southern part of Ratyan and al-Zahra in Northwest of the province and laid siege on terrorists in one town and several villages.

“The main supply line of the militants, connecting the towns of Hayyan, Anadan, Haraytan and Maayer, was cut off in the Syrian army attack,” the army said earlier on Tuesday.

“The cut-off supply line will force the terrorists to face a major problem in the Northern and Western parts of the province, specially in these days that the government forces have launched a massive operation to liberate Nubl and al-Zahra,” the army added.

In the meantime, the army said that the militant groups’ bases near Ratyan and Hayyan came under heavy missile fire of the Syrian army, which inflicted major losses on the terrorists.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian army and the popular forces completed siege of the town of Ratyan and the terrorists are now trapped in the town with no way to escape.

“The Syrian army troops, National Defense Forces (NDF), Kata’eb Hezbollah (Iraqi paramilitary) and Harakat al-Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary) have continued to advance against the militant groups in the different sides of Ratyan and even several special forces of the army have infiltrated the terrorists’ defense lines in the town’s neighborhoods,” the army said.

“Fall of Ratyan into the hands of the pro-government forces is imminent,” the army added.

“With the completion of siege on Ratyan, the pro-government forces have only two kilometers to reach al-Zahra and Nubl,” the army went on to say.

“Most of the trapped militants in Ratyan are the members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front,” the army said.

“The government forces have seized full control over the vast farms around Ratyan,” the army said, adding, “Tough battle is underway at the outskirts and entrances of Ratyan and the Syrian artillery and warplanes are pounding the militant groups’ positions outside and inside of the town.”

“The terrorist groups’ supplying lines to Ratyan have been the main targets of the Syrian fighter jets and artillery,” the army said.

“The Syrian army’s engineering units have launched a vast operation to defuse the bombs and other types of explosive devices planted by the terrorists across the outskirts of the town,” the army said.

Battlefield source also reported that other units of the Syrian army have stormed the militant groups’ positions near Ma’rasat al-Khan North of the newly-liberated Hardatnin.

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