Al-Nusra Front Terrorists Pushed Back from 2 Kurdish Villages Near Nubl



The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) managed to free two villages in the Northwestern parts of Nubl and al-Zahra towns and fully purged the al-Nusra Front terrorists from the region.

After the Syrian army broke the terrorists’ four-year-long siege of Nubl and al-Zahra in the Northern Aleppo province on Wednesday afternoon, the YPG forces gathered more confidence and freed two villages of al-Zayarah and Khariba near Shirava region.

Reports from the battlefield said that the YPG purging operations against the al-Nusra Front terrorists still continue in the region.

The siege of the strategic towns of Nubl and al-Zahra was removed after four years in an army offensive from the Eastern side of the two towns on Wednesday, while other units of the Syrian army also managed to purge terrorists from 80 percent of the village of Ma’arasa al-Khan.

Reports from Syria said on Wednesday evening that the Shiite residents of Seyede Zeinab region in Damascus, who have been under the terrorists’ continued missile and rocket attacks in the last several years, have poured to the streets to celebrate the army’s groundbreaking victory in Nubl and Al-Zahra. The last rocket attack on Seyede Zeinab region claimed tens of civilian lives only last week.

In addition to the significant advances of the Syrian government forces in the Eastern territories of Aleppo, the Syrian army and its allies were engaged in a heavy battle in the Northern and Northwestern parts of the province to remove the militants’ siege on the two towns.

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