Al-Quds Brigades: Ready for a new battle against the occupation


Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, has renewed its readiness to fight any new battle against the Israeli occupation to protect the Palestinian people, their national interests and homeland, warning that its patience would run out.

In a speech delivered on Friday on the third anniversary of the 2014 war on Gaza, spokesman for the Brigades Abu Hamza affirmed that the armed wing of Islamic Jihad became much stronger following the last war on Gaza and more prepared to confront the Israeli occupation.

Abu Hamza reiterated the Brigades’ adherence to the option of armed resistance to defend and liberate the Palestinian land, restore the holy sites and extract the freedom of prisoners.

He demanded the Palestinian Authority to renounce its security collaboration with the Israeli occupation state and give the resistance in the West Bank a free hand to defend its own people.


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