Al Qusair battle will determine the path of the Syrian crisis

519a4c9c7b58aAl-Qusair battle will determine the path of the Syrian crisis… Newspapers: a serious turning point for all parties.

Al-Qusair battle city in rural of Homs topped the Western newspapers news, which dealt with the details of the battle and its importance in the history of the Syrian crisis.

The Guardian newspaper found that the importance of the battle stems from the importance of the location of the city itself, being the linkage between Damascus and Mediterranean, in addition to being a major conduit for smuggling weapons and supplies from Lebanon to the insurgents.

The newspaper quoted a government official did not reveal his name:“the city has been besieged through three fronts while leaving the safe passage for residents and surrendered militants.”

Reuter’s news agency, quoting activists, that the al-Qusair fall of the Syrian forces grip, however, means the control of the Syrian Army on the southern countryside of Homs, and thus tighten the screws on the elements of “Free Army” and “al-Nusra Front”, especially in the old Homs.

“New York Times” newspaper quoted activists, that this battle will determine the path of the Syrian crisis entirely, and will form a major turning point for both parties, The importance of the battle of al-Qusair lies in the launch of the hands of the Syrian Army to take control of a series of other cities and towns, in a major campaign against the insurgents’ headquarters up to the north and east of the country.

“Los Angeles Times” confirmed the arrest of hundreds of gunmen from the “al-Nusra Front” and armed gangs, in addition to the killing of a large number of them, where the streets were filled with corpses, according to the paper.

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