Saudi Arabia

Al Saud shows zero tolerance towards dissent


Press TV has interviewed Nasser al-Omari, a political commentator from New York City, to discuss the Al Saud regime’s ongoing crackdown against protesters and political activists across the kingdom.

The analyst maintains that the Saudi regime is using brutal tactics and violent means to suppress the dynamic voices of dissidents in the Shia-dominated oil-rich Eastern Province and several other regions.

Omari further says that Saudi rulers carry out maximal repression by handing down death penalties to political leaders and activists through kangaroo courts and a flawed justice system.

He adds that Riyadh has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards opponents and has failed to implement any kind of social or political reform in the Persian Gulf state.

It is a pretty good indication that educated people across Saudi Arabia have started to speak out against the repressive policies of the absolute monarchy, Omari concludes.

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