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Almost 3,000 Crew Members Quarantined on Cruise Ship in Germany after Positive COVID-19 Test

The “Mein Shiff 3” has a whopping 2,899 crew members on board, all of whom will remain on the ship until further notice.

Lately the ship has been used as transport vessel for TUI workers, helping employees return home amid widespread travel restrictions.

Germany has confirmed 793 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, boosting the total to 162,496, the Robert Koch Institute said on Sunday.

The death toll has risen by 74 to 6,649 people over the same period of time. A day earlier, the country recorded 945 new cases and 94 fatalities.

Over 130,000 COVID-19 patients have recovered in Germany since the beginning of the outbreak.

The highest number of coronavirus cases have been recorded in Bavaria (42,792), North Rhine-Westphalia (33,428) and Baden-Wurttemberg (32,291). Berlin has 5,976 cases.

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