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Amal, Hezbollah warns against Zionists’ adventurism


Amal (Hope) Movement and the anti-terrorist legendary Movement, Hezbollah, announced readiness to deal with any stupid adventurism by the Zionist regime of Israel.

According to SAMA news agency from Beirut, in a joint statement, the two movements announced that they were in full-readiness to defend the nation, dignity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon in case of military adventurism by the Zionist regime, and would come up with a crushing response.
The leaders of Amal and Hezbollah strongly condemned in the statement the recent deployment of Zionist military near the border with Lebanon and the regime’s continuous violation of Lebanon’s airspace, as well as land and naval boundaries.
The statement called on the Lebanese government to adopt due stance vis-à-vis the Zionist atrocities and aggressions and its violation of the country’s sovereignty.
The two Lebanese Resistance leaders also called on all parties and the Lebanese nation to get united to tackle the real threat for the country’s security and stability.
Amal and Hezbollah leaders also cautioned the people against the enemies’ seditions to create and fan ethnic and religious disparities.
The leaders of Amal (Hope) Movement and the anti-terrorist legendary Movement, Hezbollah, further in their joint statement insisted due, and serious efforts for the formation of a new government that will tackle all political, security and economic challenges.

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