amas says Netanyahu’s Gaza withdrawal justifications “admission of defeat”

images_News_2014_08_31_ntn-0_300_0The Hamas Movement considered Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent justifications about the withdrawal of his troops from Gaza border areas during the last war as an “admission of defeat.”

“Netanyahu’s remarks about the withdrawal of his troops from Gaza lest anyone of them could get killed or caught were an explicit acknowledgment of their defeat by the resistance,” spokesman for the Movement Sami Abu Zuhri stated on his facebook page.

During an interview on Israel’s channel 2 on Saturday evening, Netanyahu admitted that his concern for the safety of his soldiers prompted him to order their withdrawal from the eastern areas of Gaza in the last military operation.

He also justified the withdrawal from Gaza by saying that he had not wanted to exhaust Israel’s military resources in the arena of Gaza while the borders with Syria and Lebanon were unstable.

The premier also talked about the political process with the Palestinians and called on Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas to renounce his partnership with Hamas and work on achieving a peace deal with Israel.

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