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America will remain the same old America irrespective of who sits in White House

No matter which party in America is victorious in an American presidential election, and no matter who is sitting in the White House, there will be no changes to American foreign policy. There will be no changes to the objectives of American foreign policy, and there will be no changes to the methods of American foreign policy. 

Any commentator who is of the opinion that, should Joe Biden enter the White House, Washington will begin to reassess its relationship with, for instance, Riyadh, is, quite frankly speaking, not only ignorant but also stupid, and should develop a new interest in life other than international relations because it is painstakingly clear that they do not understand American politics and American foreign policy, and they certainly do not understand the structure of the American Government. 

Biden has long had close relations with both Saudi Arabia and Israel, and Biden understands, like any other American politician, that Saudi Arabia is critical to America in terms of preserving and increasing American hegemony in the Middle East.

So, in light of that, no American president would take any steps to undermine or weaken Washington’s relationship with Riyadh because that would simply weaken America’s supremacy in the Middle East. 

Furthermore, despite what the US Constitution states, an American president, in practice, does not have tremendous powers. The truth of the matter is that the American establishment controls America. The American establishment controls American foreign policy. The American establishment dictates to whomever is sitting in the White House, what the objectives of American foreign policy are and how these objectives will be pursued.

It is no different to how, back in 2008, there were imbecilic commentators in the world saying that now Barack Obama is going to become president, now that a part black person is going to be president, this means American foreign policy is going to change. Well, Obama proved to be as murderous as his predecessor, George Bush. 

And let us not forget that when Biden was Obama’s vice president, he was complicit in supporting Al-Qaeda in Libya, which turned Libya into a failed state; in Tripoli today, there are human slave markets comprised of sub-Saharan Africans. And in Syria, Biden, again as Obama’s vice president, was complicit in America supporting Al-Qaeda and ISIS (Daesh), resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrian men, women, and children. 

Now, in 2020, we are hearing again from the same ignorant and dense commentators, who said that Obama would change American foreign policy, saying that Biden, should he enter the White House, will change American foreign policy. Absolutely not! 

As the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, said at the beginning of 2017, after Donald Trump became president, America will always remain the same old America, irrespective of who is sitting in the White House.

Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos is an expert in international relations and in Russian history. He is also a publisher and editor at the Politics First website in London. He recorded this article for Press TV website.

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