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Americans protest against Boeing

A group of Americans has protested outside the Boeing Company headquarters, condemning the company profiting on wars and Washington’s ongoing moves against Iran and Syria.

The protest was organized by an anti-war group outside the headquarters of Boeing in Chicago, Illinois, in an act to condemn the company’s production of fighter jets, bombs and spy drones used by the US military.
Activist Kait McIntyre said, “Boeing makes fighter jets and attack helicopters. They make uranium-depleted bombs, for example, that were dropped on Gaza in 2008, causing an increase in birth defects. And in addition, Boeing makes spy drones for the US to use over Iran”.
She went on to say that instead of threatening Syria and Iran with war, the US must invest the military money in “funding human needs at home, not wars that profit companies like Boeing.”
Boeing’s only response to the protest was a show of force by security staff, guard dogs, and the Chicago police.

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