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Americans Rally against Zionist Offensive on Gaza

Americans across the country have staged daily protests against Zionist airstrikes and deadly violence on the Gaza Strip since November 14.

“If any other country in the world other than Israel did what they’re doing in Gaza today, it would be called war crimes,” said a protester in Fort Lauderdale, Anas Amireh, adding, “When you take it to the United Nations, the whole world stands with you and it’s vetoed by the United States.”

On Saturday, Fort Lauderdale’s daily newspaper Sun Sentinel reported a crowd of 150 individuals protesting across the Federal Courthouse and expressing their fear for a Zionist invasion of Gaza, according to Press TV.

“[Israelis] claim self-defense. You can’t really claim self-defense when you’re occupying the country to begin with,” said activist Nadine Aly.

On Friday, CBS covered a protest held in New York near the Israeli Consulate, in which protesters shouted and waved signs calling for an end to the deadly violence by Israeli forces.

NBC also reported hundreds of protesters marching and chanting “Free, Free Palestine,” in Chicago on Thursday, which ended outside President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign headquarters. The activists also protested at the Obama Administration’s continued support of Israel.

Similar rallies were held on Friday and Saturday in the cities of Cleveland, Ohio, Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

In the next couple of days, demonstrations are planned to be held in the states of Washington, Pennsylvania, Florida and Washington DC.

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