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Americans should not allow their government to be so corrupt


An American intelligence expert says the US government has been involved in numerous cases of “criminal undermining of a sovereign nation” and Americans should not allow their government to be so corrupt.

Scott Rickard, a former American intelligence linguist, made the remarks while commenting on a report which showed the Obama administration has been running a program to stir political unrest in Cuba.

Under the project, overseen by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), young Latin Americans were secretly dispatched to Cuba to provoke rebellion against the government.

The agents worked under the disguise of tourists and health and humanitarian workers. In one case the agents formed an HIV-prevention center which memos seen by the Associated Press called “the perfect excuse.”

“The Americans are once again caught red-handed exploiting South Americans [in what is] basically criminal exploitation and criminal undermining of a sovereign nation,” said Rickard in a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

“This once and for all needs to stop. The Americans need to stand up to their government, telling them ‘enough is enough.’ It is unbelievable how this activity goes on and on. This is the same thing that they’re doing in Iraq, the same thing that they’re doing in Ukraine, they are undermining Ukraine using the same kind of NGOs like USAID which is heavily involved there,” he added.

Earlier this year, USAID promised to beef up financial aid for Ukraine’s pro-Western media outlets.

“USAID operations are clearly tied to the [US] Intelligence Community, they’re clearly tied to the political agendas that are surreptitious in nature, very secretive and are posing as humanitarian effort,” Rickard said.

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