Human Rights

Amnesty International Condemns Slaughterer Israel

The international organization said in a letter sent to Zionist Israeli authorities on Sunday that it was concerned about the use of “much violence” by the Tel Aviv police to repress freedom of speech and assembly.

On June 24, the Slaughterer Israeli regime arrested nearly 100 protesters during clashes with police in Tel Aviv.

The demonstrators had taken out to the streets the night before, expressing anger about the detention on June 22 of 12 activists with the same demands.

One of the detained activists, who was later released on bail, said the police officers “bruised and humiliated” her upon arrest.

Amnesty also stated that there was “much evidence that… serious violence used by police on Friday and Saturday night went beyond reasonable use of force, especially in cases when it was directed… indiscriminately.”

In July 2011, the Slaughterer Israeli regime also witnessed demonstrations in Tel Aviv calling for social and economic justice, as well as affordable housing. A number of protesters were injured in clashes with the police.

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