Ankara-Backed Terrorists Continue Clashes over Share of Looted Assets


Turkey-backed militants engaged in a fresh round of infighting over their share of the assets looted from the houses and shops in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo on Tuesday.

Gunmen of al-Hamza group and Liwa al-Mo’atasem, both backed up by the Turkish troops, exchanged heavy fire near Kawa square in the town of Afrin over taking control of a residential unit.

The Turkish forces in their armored vehicles entered the region to end the infighting.

In the meantime, unknown assailants attacked the car of Abu Maryam al-Haskawi, a commanders of FSA-affiliated Liwa Moshta’al Tamou, as he was driving along a road connecting Afrin to Sheran region, injuring him seriously.

Military analysts believe that occupation of Afrin by Turkish troops and their allied militants spread tensions and insecurity across the region.

In a relevant development on Monday, fresh infighting erupted among the Turkey-backed militants in the town of Afrin on Saturday mainly over their share of the assets looted from local residents.

The militants engaged in fierce clashes in al-Filat region in Afrin as the Ankara-backed gunmen continued looting people’s houses and shops in Northwestern Aleppo.

In the meantime, field sources reported that Operation Olive Branch kept forces on alert and also dispatched a military convoy of the Turkish army to the region following the fresh infighting.

Also, the Ankara-backed militants started exchanging heavy fire two days ago.

The sources further said that the Ankara-backed militants are blackmailing local people in large scale in different parts of Afrin region, adding that the militants have captured a number of young men in the village of Deibi near Afraz area in Mobata region and asked their families to pay $10,000 each to let them free.

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