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Ansarallah forces capture strategic district in devastating defeat for zionist Saudi-backed troops

For the first time during the Yemeni War, the Ansarallah forces (var. Houthis) captured an imperative district in the eastern part of the Sana’a Governorate.

Beginning on midnight on Friday, the Ansarallah forces units circumvented the front towards the eastern Al-Jawf junction, and cut the asphalt line, supplying the Hadi forces, which link to the town of Marib, the stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islah Party.

According to the Ansarallah forces’ official media wing, their troops were able to seize control of the entire Nihm District after overrunning the Yemeni government defenses in eastern Sana’a.

They pointed out that the intensity of the battles increased, while the withdrawal of the besieged forces and the surrender of others was seen, and on the early morning hours of Friday, the Ansarallah forces announced full control of the Nihm front and resolved one of the longest rounds of conflict with Hadi forces, as well as securing one of the most dangerous fronts near the capital, Sanaa.

The photo of the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, ascends to one of the military crews in Naham.

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