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Ansarallah forces mobilizing for new offensive in Hodeidah: Yemeni Army

The Yemeni government forces on Tuesday accused the Ansarallah forces of mobilizing and escalating its military operations in the Hodeidah Governorate of western Yemen.

According to the pro-government Yemeni Army, their troops “spotted movements of armed groups backed by the Houthis towards areas east of the Duraimi District in southern Hodeidah. This move was done to strengthen their positions.”

“The Houthis have brought huge reinforcements, including mines and military vehicles carrying various heavy and medium weapons,” they continued.

“The Houthis have targeted areas east of Duraimi with medium-range 14.5mm and 12.7mm machine guns at different times of the day,” the Yemeni Army added.

Despite these reports by the Yemeni Army, the Ansarallah forces have yet to comment on these claims.

Last January, the U.N.-sponsored ceasefire was implemented in the Hodeidah Governorate and since then, the violence has mostly dissipated in this part of the country.

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