Ansarallah forces reach gates of Marib city amid large-scale advance

The Ansarallah forces announced on Wednesday that they have seized several areas in Marib and that its forces are standing at the gates of the administrative capital as they await instructions to storm the city.

According to reports, the Ansarallah forces reached the western gates of Marib after seizing the hilltops overlooking the outskirts of this capital city.

This advance by the Ansarallah forces comes a few weeks after the Ansarallah forces captured the administrative capital of Al-Jawf.

The Ansrallah forces announced on Monday that its troops had seized almost all of the Al-Jawf Governorate, including Al-Hazm, the administrative capital and long-time stronghold of the Islah forces.

Observers believe that losing Marib may end the presence of the Islah party in northern Yemen and end the Saudi Coalition’s endeavor to retake the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

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