Ansarallah forces score major advance in northern Yemen

It has been a rough five days for the Saudi-backed troops in northern and central Yemen, as they have found themselves mass retreating from several areas inside the Al-Bayda and Marib governorates.

On Saturday, the Ansarallah forces managed to score a major advance in the Marib Governorate, as their troops seized several areas from the Saudi-backed Islah militia.

According to the Ansarallah forces, their troops captured Al-Makhlaq and Al-Hamrani after overrunning the Saudi-backed defenses inside the Marib Governorate on Saturday afternoon.

This latest advance by the Ansarallah forces has put their troops in position of seizing a large part of the Marib Governorate, which is a major blow to the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.

The Marib Governorate has served as the primary stronghold for the Saudi-backed forces in northern Yemen.

With the loss of the neighboring Jawf Governorate and the Ansarallah advance to the outskirts of Marib’s administrative capital, the Saudi-backed forces now find themselves on the verge of losing a major presence in northern Yemen.

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