Ansarallah forces shoot down enemy aircraft in Yemen

The Ansarallah forces announced on Tuesday that their troops the shot down an enemy aircraft belonging to the Arab Coalition forces in the Al-Jawf Governorate of Yemen.

The Spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces loyal to the Ansarallah Movement, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’i, said in a statement on his Facebook page: “The air defenses managed to shoot down a CH-4 fighter reconnaissance plane in Al-Jawf Governorate while it was conducting hostilities in the air. Yemeni. ”

He explained that “the plane was shot down after being targeted by an air-to-surface missile, which will be revealed later.”

He noted: “The plane is the third of its kind to be shot down.”

This is the fourth enemy reconnaissance aircraft to be shot down by the Ansarallah forces in the last week.

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