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Ansarallah forces shoot down enemy aircraft near Saudi border

The Ansarallah forces announced on Friday that their air defenses shot down an Arab Coalition aircraft along the Saudi border with the Yemeni governorate of Sa’ada.

Citing the Ansarallah forces, the Saba News Agency reported that “the air defenses managed to shoot down a spy plane belonging to the coalition while carrying out hostile missions in the airspace of the Razih district (west of Saada).”

The Ansarallah forces did not provide additional details about the operation.

At the same time, Al-Masirah TV reported that the Arab Coalition launched attacks on the Razih District of Yemen, which is a violation of the ceasefire that was recently established.

Since the start of the ceasefire, the warring parties in Yemen have accused each other of violating the ceasefire by launching attacks in different parts of the country.

The ceasefire was established on Thursday after the United Nations requested a halt to the violence in Yemen, as the country faces the potential spread of the coronavirus.

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