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Anti-aircraft fire over Tripoli’s sky

At least two explosions and a series of anti-aircraft fire by the Libyan military have been heard in Tripoli as the Western forces continue the airstrikes in the country.

The sky above the Libyan capital lit up with Libyan anti-aircraft fire again on Tuesday night after at least two powerful blasts crackled in the capital.

The exact site of the far-off explosions is still unknown, AFP reported.

The latest development comes as the US, British and French fighter jets continue aerial bombardment on the Libyan regime’s air defenses with Tomahawk cruise missiles, and reportedly grounded its air defense.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama said Washington would transfer its leading role on Libya “within days” instead of weeks in a bid to share the burden of enforcing the no-fly zone with some other NATO member states.

However, a noticeable level of friction has emerged within NATO member states, with Norway saying its fighter jets would not participate in the military operations as long as it was unclear who was in command.

Germany has also pulled out of NATO operations in the Mediterranean, according to the country’s defense ministry.

Earlier on Tuesday, a US F15 fighter jet crashed in Libya and its two crew members were rescued, the US military announced.

Meanwhile, forces loyal to Gaddafi launched a deadly offensive in the town of Yafran, southwest of the capital, Tripoli and tightened their siege on the western town of Zintan and the strategically important city of Misratah.

At least 40 civilians, including four children, have been killed in heavy shelling over there in the past 24 hours.

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