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‘Anti-Israelism not anti-Semitism’


A British Middle East expert believes that there is “a rising tide of anti-Israelism” around the globe due to the Israeli regime’s atrocities against the people of Palestine.

“What we are seeing in Europe today and in fact all around the world, is the rising tide of anti-Israelism which is not the same as the anti-Semitism and it is provoked by Israel’s defiance of the international law its crimes and denial of the justice of the Palestinians,” Alan Hart told Press TV on Wednesday.

His comments come against the backdrop of a new survey which suggests that nearly half of Britons hold anti-Semitic views.

Many of the respondents said they believe that “Jews think they are better than other people”. They also questioned “Jews’ too much control over media.”

The London-based Middle East expert believes that Israel itself is spreading anti-Semitism in an attempt to justify its atrocities and violations of the international law.

“The Zionism in general and Netanyahu in particular, will be very pleased by this news, because Zionism needs and wants anti-Semitism to justify its crimes.”

Alan Hart also underscored that “anti-Israelism is not as same as anti-Semitism” and warned that the two can be interchangeably used unless Jewish people distance themselves from the Israeli regime and its crimes.

“The danger is that, what is currently in the majority of the cases anti-Israelism, will be transformed to into anti-Semitism. Now, there is only one way that Jews of the world can stop this process happening and that’s by distancing themselves from the Zionist state.”

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