Anti-war demo in Ireland condemns threats of war against Iran

The Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) has held a rally outside the country’s parliament to protest the US and Israel warmongering against Iran.

The group said the demonstration at Dail Eireann was held to denounce the continued wars waged by the US and NATO and the current threats of war against Iran.

The US and Israel have threatened to carry out a strike against Iran’s nuclear energy facilities based on the unfounded claim that the peaceful nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic include a military component.

Protesters also called for an end to illegal unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic imposed by Washington and the European Union based on the unfounded nuclear allegations.

“There has been some form of sanctions imposed on the Iranian people by the West since the 1979 revolution; however since 2010 they have been greatly intensified and are unprecedented in their severity. These sanctions violate international law and the UN Charter for their damage to Iran’s civilian population,” the IAWM said in a statement published prior to the rally.

The statement also called on the Irish government to condemn threats of war against Iran, saying that “there has been no evidence found to show that Iran is diverting uranium enrichment toward a nuclear weapons program and the threat of a military attack and debilitating sanctions are unlawful under the UN Charter.”

Iran rejects the US-engineered claims against its nuclear energy program, arguing that as a committed signatory to Non-Proliferation Treaty, and a member of International Atomic Energy Agency, it has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

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