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Aoun urges army, Hezbollah to remain well-equipped

In the face of growing threats from Israel, Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun says that Hezbollah should remain armed and the Lebanese army should be well-equipped.

“We should bolster our defense forces at all costs; but I believe no matter how many weapons we obtain and how much money we spend, we will never have the potential to deter an Israeli attack. That is why, I believe, the resistance movement should remain armed” said Aoun in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Saturday.

“The best way to succeed against Israel is resistance-style asymmetrical warfare, therefore these artillery should be given to Hezbollah and should remain at its disposal until a peace deal is reached with Israel,” the Christian leader explained.

The former general said he has decided to hold another meeting with prime minister-designate Saad Hariri, but refrained from elaborating on the exact time and venue.

“I am still waiting for Hariri’s reply to the proposals I submitted in my latest press conference,” he said.

Aoun was referring to demands that his party be granted six portfolios and be allowed to maintain the five ministries, including the Telecommunications Ministry — which is of great security and financial importance.

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