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Appoint Benyamin Netanyahu as Canadian PM!

netenyhauAn extreme Christian right cabinet has committed Canada to support Israel in such flagrant way that it would not be surprising that Netanyahu is appointed as Canada’s PM.
Recently, Canada has taken hostile and overhasty positions toward Iran in line with Zionist regime support. A British colony, naturally Canada should behave in line with the UK politics.

But recently, Canada has been overwhelmed by greed and has been hasty in supporting Zionist regime against Iran. A review of Canadian behavior in recent few months would reveal much and adds to the credibility of this hypothesis. In September 2012, Canada closed its embassy in Tehran and dismissed the Iranian embassy staff in Canada when NAM conference was being held in Tehran. This was in line with Zionist regime and US demands, Canada being the executing agent. This is confirmed by international analysts.

For example, Michel Chossudovsky, political analyst, told RT that statement by the Canadian FM was made during the APEC Summit currently underway in Vladivostok. He accused Iran of actions which cannot be proved, and there was no proof for that. This kind of talks is cowboy-like. He believes the decision wasn’t really made by Canada at all, “perhaps it was made by Washington and given for implementation to Canadian Embassy.”

This was so flagrant that France 24 reported that “Canada, as a faithful ally to Israel, decided to close its embassy in Tehran and deport Iranian embassy staff in Ottawa.”

Meanwhile, Benyamin Netanyahu’s praise of Canadian PM action is revealing. But this was not an end to the issue, since, weeks later and during the Palestinian Statehood session in UN, where the majority of countries confirmed the Statehood, Canada, US, and Israel were among 9 members with negative vote. Here, again, Canadian harmony with the US and Israel was evident and revealed Canadian practical and cordial ties with Israel. Kambiz Sheikh Hassani, Iranian chargéd’affaires says that Canada has been traditionally conservative state.

“The current administration is lead by a right-wing Evangelical Christian, which is famous for its unswerving support for Israel,” he adds.

The line of hostilities continued with Canada’s delisting of MEK from its terrorist list. The Ministry of Home Affairs of Iran has issued a statement on Canadian act. “This act does not change the terrorist nature of the MEK group. The use of terrorism in international system endangers peace and violates international commitments by the countries,” reads the statement.

“A review of recent Canadian behavior toward Iran in supporting Zionist regime reveals much of mentality governing the statesmen of second largest country in the world, an identity set by following US and Zionist regime policies,” adds the statement.

Tony Burmanis former headof CBC News, in an article on closing Canadian embassy in Tehran, has interesting analysis, “Canada appears to have a new foreign minister. His name is Benjamin Netanyahu. His day job may be prime minister of Israel, but Canada’s abrupt actions against Iran seem to confirm that the Harper government’s outsourcing of Canada’s Middle East policy to Jerusalem is now complete.”

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